Best Camera for Vlogging on Spring


If you didn’t start with vlogging yet, then spring is the right time to do that. We are going to tell you in this article what is the best camera for vlogging that you can buy and start with vlogging on spring.

Now, maybe you don’t have enough information to start with that business, but you shouldn’t call this business. This can be your hobby that you are doing and you are getting payment for that – few months later, because you will not earn money on the same beginning. You should be aware of that.

Every vlogger that I have spoken to, he told me that he started with this because it was fun and he wanted to make a funny things in front of camera. Maybe you should think about that first. What you are going to do, what’s going to be in your videos and how to publish that and make viewers happy with your videos.

When you finally have all these answers and you know what are you going to do, then you are going to buy a camera. Now, best camera in my opinion for the vlogger who is starting with vlogging is Canon PowerShot ELPH 340 HS 16MP.


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This camera can record in full HD, what is the most important thing in this job. Your audience want to watch HD videos and videos with great audio and video quality. If you record in LQ resolution, then they will not be happy and they will not come back at your channel to see what’s new and did you make a new video. So, be aware of this important thing.

Camera is very affordable, which means that almost everyone can buy this camera because it’s not so expensive and few hundred bucks and little bit more, you can buy it.

Another reason to buy this camera is that because it’s comes from trusted company. We all know that Canon is the one of the best companies for cameras and digital things, so this is one more plus for buying.

Also, this camera have Wi-Fi connectivity, which will help you a lot when you want to make a video and upload it on your social networks or if you want to do a live stream on facebook or youtube. There is a lot of vloggers that are doing live streams now and LS are very popular now.

So, if you didn’t know what to buy, if you don’t have a big budget, then this camera is just created for you. It will please your purposes and it will work for the beginning. Later, when you boost your channel, when you have few hundreds of subscribers, you can invest a little bit to buy  better camera with a higher price.


What to do in spring


In this article, we will give you few tips what could you do when spring knock on your doors. There is type of people who don’t like spring, but why is that so? Spring is the most beautiful time.  When spring come, everything wakes up, even the bears who slept all over the winter.

So, let’s go on our things:

Go to Movie Theater


Yes, you can go to movie theater when is winter, but the truth is, less people goes to watch movie when is winter because it’s cold outside and it’s more better for them to stay home, make pop corns and watch movie on your TV or laptop. Reason for that is that you don’t have to go outside, where it’s cold and you are staying on worm place. So, you should go to watch movie when spring comes.

Walking Tours


Winter is not most beautiful time to take a walk outside. It’s very dirty, you need to worm up more if you want to take a long walk and this is the only reason why should you take a walk on spring. If you like spring, you will see a lot of beautiful things, because mother nature is awaking and she’s giving us the most beautiful pictures to see. From the happy birds who are flying above us to the flowers who are making everything beautiful with their colors.

Ride a bike

If you are a sports type, then you should ride a bike. You didn’t ride a bike all winter and this is the best season to start doing that. Some of my friends are riding a bike from one city to another and that’s a long trip. But they love that and I understand them. I prefer more driving a car, because cars are my first love.

Buy a cool umbrella


It’s very positive time and you should be positive too. So, you should buy cool umbrella, because there will be a lot of rainy days and make yourself happy with that. Enjoy in rain on your own way.

Visit a farm to see animals


If there is nearby  some farm, then you should visit them to see animals. Animals are very happy and active in spring and reason is that, like we said before, nature is awaking and everyone is happy.

Sit outside at a café


Winter is a past, now you will have a lot of beautiful and worm days, so when you go outside to drink a coffee, you should sit outside at a café and enjoy in beautiful day. You will hear a beautiful melody of birds. Who wouldn’t enjoy in that?

We came to the end of this article, we hope you like it. We know it’s a winter now and we have a lot of days to wait for a spring but it is okay. We will use on it like we do every year. This article could be great note for you what should you do when spring come to you. Maybe, if you take a walk or sit outside at a café, you meet a girl of your life and get in love. Spring is a beautiful period to fall in love.

Why Spring Is The Best Time To Experience passionate feelings for


Another season is at long last here. Furthermore, spring is the best time to begin to look all starry eyed at and date — so prepare. Indeed, even measurements from dating site Zoosk demonstrate that 34 percent all the more first messages are sent every day in the spring.

What’s more, why not, isn’t that so? All things considered, less individuals are sleeping from the icy and orgy viewing and those with Seasonal Affective Disorder — a sort of wretchedness that is identified with seasons and is most regular in the bleak fall and winter months — are wandering out once more, additionally, now that the sun is here more than the snow.

Also, now’s the ideal time for spring cleaning — not simply giving those not-worn-in-everlastingly garments that are consuming up valuable space in your storage room, yet to the extent you’re dating life is concerned, as well. With spring noticeable all around, you can pledge to stop contact with that waiting ex or at long last stop a deadlock relationship. With all the dating destinations and applications out there, also by means of your companions and get-togethers you go to, you can discover somebody more suited for you and whom you’re in agreement with, not one who abandons you speculating or just briefly satisfied.

It’s More pleasant Outside, Plainly

Woman in spring garden

I know, this one is self-evident, yet more individuals appear to be slanted to go out when it’s pleasant outside as opposed to frosty, dim, and bleak. Walkway bistros open at the end of the day and more individuals appear to go to Happy Hour. In addition, individuals simply appear to be more joyful, in general — the sun is sparkling, flying creatures are singing, love is noticeable all around. What’s not to be cheerful about?!

More Individuals Are Going Out As opposed to Remaining In


Whether on the web or disconnected, more individuals are out on the town when there’s no snow and ice to slime through. So join an application like Bumble, that neighborhood kickball association, as well as a social exercises application and you’ll see with your own eyes.

Better Climate Breaks even with More Open air Situated Exercises To Do

Whether you joined a neighborhood meetup aggregate and are playing softball once every week (and may simply discover a partner you need to see a greater amount of off the field) or joined a dating application that advances meeting somebody with basic interests, as MeetMeOutside, there’s an unending number of warm-climate things to do now that spring has (pretty much) sprung. You can go biking, kayaking, strolling, running, bungee-bouncing, cruising, have a cookout on the shoreline or disregarding a picturesque point after you climb, and so on.

Warm-Climate Dialect Helps Your Chances

Amid spring, you’ve presumably got a great deal of outside exercises at the forefront of your thoughts, which really may help your odds on the web. Zoosk directed an information force and found that, in Chicago, Denver, and New York City, specifying “shoreline” inside a message expanded reaction rates: Chicago by 7.2 circumstances, Denver by 5.3 circumstances, and NYC by 4.9 circumstances